daniel oore & florian hoefner


Flying Pooka!
The Ecstasy of Becoming

duo Daniel Oore (vox & winds) and Florian Hoefner (piano) unite for an unforgettable musical experience.

usigelig vakker ” [unspeakably beautiful]
Jan Granlie, PÅ SKIVE, salt peanuts* – February 2024 

joyous and tricky … stunningly lyrical and dynamic”
Mark Lomanno – The Month in Review – October 2023

The Ecstasy of Becoming

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usigelig vakker ” [unspeakably beautiful] —Jan Granlie, PÅ SKIVE salt peanuts*

“… wondrously improvised, the development, organization, precision and clarity of ideas, and arcs of the music betray a deep connection between the musicians. Hoefner and Oore cover a wide range of sounds and genres, with imagination, intriguing and responsive dialogue, and expert musicality as the unifying factors. At times calming and lushly melodic, at others playful and noisy” Mark Lomanno – The Month in Review – October 2023

Dani, a veteran of the late Jerry Granelli’s groups, and Florian leading his own Juno-award winning trio, perform across 5 continents collaborating with renowned artists (Kurt Rosenwinkel, Seamus Blake, Julian Priester, Dan Weiss, and Jay Clayton), garnering prizes at the East Coast Music Awards, Juno Awards, Stingray Rising Star Awards, and the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Awards.

Their debut album, ECSTASY OF BECOMING on ALMA Records, is a story of vulnerable transformation told in sounds dark and light.

Make magic with them as they embark post-pandemic on their first international tours.

Dani Oore winds, synths & vocals
Florian Hoefner piano

Dani Oore

“utterly charming... deeply moving”


“Oore’s palpable fragility... is one of the most devastating things I’ve ever witnessed in a theatre”

“Is there no end to this young man’s brilliance?”

Florian Hoefner​

“In every situation, the music is so substantial and at times even breath-taking.”

“Sublimely evocative music”

“A composer-bandleader of insightful resolve.”

“Hoefner is one of Canada’s most interesting young jazz pianists.”